Seldovia is the ideal destination for those who want to explore a less traveled, pristine side of Alaska. Within steps of your hotel, you have access to an array of beautiful beaches, hiking trails, stunning backdrops, and an abundance of unique activities, all set in the charming village of Seldovia and nearby Jakolof Bay. Look no further for a fun, charming, and inexpensive getaway for kids and adults.

Things to do while visiting Seldovia

To Reserve Outdoor Rentals


Paddle Boards Rentals

Getting out on the water is a spectacular way to explore marine wildlife along Seldovia's nutrient rich waters. Paddle through the calm and protected inlets and bays and see a side of Alaska very few get to experience.

Golf Cart Rentals

A great way to see Seldovia when your time is limited. Our 4 seater golf carts are easy to drive, and you can add a paddle board to visit the beach!


Seldovia boasts an expansive stretch of coastline with a variety of beaches to relax at. Check out our Inside or Outside Beaches with one of our outdoor rentals. 


You can explore most of Seldovia village by foot then head into the backcountry for easy to intermediate hiking opportunities. Try the Otterbahn Trail, the Rocky Ridge Trial, or the TV Tower Trail 
Adventure All Day With a Boxed Lunch 

Many of our guests opt for our nourishing, grazing box, to picnic with on the golf cart ride, bike ride, or paddle trip. Whatever outdoor activity you choose, make it easy on yourself by ordering lunch to go! The grazing boxes include:

-gourmet sandwich
-seasonal fruit
-freshly baked pastry 

Inquire with staff for details. 

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